My heroes..

"As of this writing there are roughly a dozen remaining DDIAL's running on Apple computers, 
Novation has long since gone Chapter 11, Bill Basham (the author of DDIAL) has gone back to being a 
full-time doctor, and one slightly disturbed person in the Phantom Access Group has written the world's 
only version of DDIAL that will run on Unix based machines and allow T1 connected, distributed sites
with gigabytes of disk and thousands of users, to hook into Pig's Knuckle Idaho's very own 7 line 
DDIAL running at a blazing fast 300 baud. 

Why this was done is a question best left to mental health professionals.

The last sentence in the paragraph quoted above could be applied to many features present in the MindVox shell. It included advanced conferencing features interspersed with time-consuming, elaborate in-jokes with no commercial purpose whatsoever.”

Source: MindVox Wikipedia Entry

And we’re off…

As of about 2100 BST last night, we have officially launched ourselves as UUHEC.NET.

Here’s a copy of the announcement on the HECnet mailing list that kicked the whole thing off:

From: Sampsa Laine 
To: hecnet
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 20:52:10 +0100
Subject: Announcement: We've rolled out a retro UUCP network,

Whilst not strictly HECnet related, I figured as this audience is likely to be full of people who enjoy tinkering with various bits of retro tech stuff and so I thought I'd let you know that we've rolled out a small UUCP "network" between myself, Steve and Fred. It runs over TCP links between our sites, mainly running Taylor UUCP, however one of my hosts runs a 1992 bit of BBS software called Waffle 1.65. Let me know if anyone wants to join in, it's a giggle, really*. I'll even route real internet mail for interested parties** - we have registered the domain for this purpose. Sampsa * Seriously, check out the crazy Waffle BBS software by logging into CHIMPY as the user B4BBS and then log on as WAFFLE at B4BBS. It's default messages keep cracking me up, random Zippy the Pinhead quotes all over the place. ** Within reason.