News service to launch soon


I’ve managed to get a provisional news over UUCP setup configured on B4GATE, and will be taking this live very soon.

Initially we will only offer UUHECNET internal groups, at the moment I am suggesting the following topics:

  • uuhec.admin General admin issues, eventually gated to and from this mailing list
  • uuhec.hardware Discussion re: retro hardware
  • uuhec.uucp General discussion about UUCP
  • uuhec.dec Discussion about DEC hardware
  • uuhec.vms OpenVMS forum
  • uuhec.unix UNIX/Linux etc forum
  • uuhec.waffle Waffle BBS discussion
  • uuhec.random Random banter
  • uuhec.test Test area for people setting up systems

I am open to suggestions about more topics, drop me a message if you want a feed set up.


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