News service somewhat live

As announced earlier, I was in the process of setting up a news service on B4GATE.

I am now satisfied that it works and am more than happy to set up feeds to members.

The current list of newsgroups is as follows:

uuhec.admin               General UUHECNET admin issues
uuhec.hardware            Discussion re: retro hardware
uuhec.uucp                General discussion about UUCP
uuhec.dec                 Discussion about DEC hardware
uuhec.vms                 OpenVMS forum
uuhec.unix                UNIX/Linux etc forum
uuhec.waffle              Waffle BBS discussion
uuhec.random              Random banter
uuhec.decnet              DECNET networking forum
uuhec.hecnet              Forum for members of the hobbyist DECNET, HECnet
uuhec.mac                 Macintosh (OS X) discussion 
uuhec.mac.classic         Classic Mac (System 1-9)
uuhec.8bit                General 8-bit retrocomputing forum
uuhec.8bit.cbm            Commodore 8-bit retrocomputing forum
uuhec.8bit.cpm            CP/M and 8080/Z80 retrocomputing forum          Apple I/II/III retrocomputing forum

uuhec.test                Test area for people setting up systems

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