Playing with ReGIS and SIXEL graphics…

I managed to get PATHWORKS running on a Windows NT 4.0 VM last night and noticed that it came with Excursion, a rather good X server for Win32.

Anyway, I used that to log into RHESUS, launched a DECterm and ran gnuplot with ReGIS as output. The results are quite nifty I’m sure you’ll agree:

Here’s another one with ReGIS and SIXEL (DEC-specific bitmap format graphics), still in DECterm:

3 thoughts on “Playing with ReGIS and SIXEL graphics…

  1. Would you be willing to generate a few examples of ReGIS and Sixel graphics for the articless on the wikipedia? I haven’t found any good examples yet.

    • Sure – I actually generated a couple images using the Unix “netpbm” tools and ImageMagick…

      Basically (on a machine with netpbm and ImageMagick):

      $ convert image.[png/jpg/etc] image.pbm
      $ pbmtoln03 image.pbm image.sixel

      Check out the samples in, here’s a screenshot of the two SIXELs:


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