Pyffle: Feedback, and it’s GOOD

Well, someone on comp.bbs.waffle saw my shameless plug and had a look, and liked what they saw:

From: minding 
To: system 
Subj: hurrah! 

Too cool!

DECADES ago now, I happenstanced upon a neato Waffle v1.64 board called
China Cat Sunflower, I felt, and still do, that it made computers
worthwhile again.

Now I find Pyffle!

You can imagine my general elation!

I'm so grateful to have found a WAFFLE system!


One thought on “Pyffle: Feedback, and it’s GOOD

  1. Like your site.

    Found out about Waffle from some wiki, then found you and had to go log in to see what it was all about. …………me like!

    Hope to have some fun with this and try it out as I am learning to program in Python now, never too old I guess.


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