It’s just not Waffle

Not sure whether to be proud of the stuff I’ve built or ashamed of how far from my original idea of a Waffle clone I’ve arrived at:

screenshot_122 screenshot_123 screenshot_124 screenshot_125

One thought on “It’s just not Waffle

  1. interesting …

    I’m an old waffle user …

    back in the early 90s I ran it on a ‘386 at home connecting to the apana network over a 2400bps dial-up modem.

    had my email address on it (and a few friends had theirs there too – they would sometimes pop around with a floppy to check their mail)

    I used it for quite a few years but eventually it started crashing too much.
    (there was a bug where it would crash when the newsgroups header was too long – with the rise of spam on usenet in the mid 90s it started to crash nearly every time it called the upstream server!)

    probably not hard to fix if there was source code available.
    most likely something just needs to check the length before putting it in too small a buffer! (in c)
    …but unfortunately no source code out there 🙁

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