Welcome to UUHEC.NET!

UUHEC.NET was launched in June 2010 to provide UUCP connections over the Internet to interested retrotechnology hobbyists.

What’s it for?

Mainly for moving data around using the mechanism provided for by the UUCP set of programs. Mostly this tends to be email, but it can also be used for USENET news and various other things.

UPDATE (13-JUL-2010): We’re launching a news service. See the relevant post for details.

Who are you guys anyway?

We are a bunch of retrocomputing enthusiasts who are interested in communicating with each other using various slightly outdated methods.

Why call it UUHEC?

Well the three founding members initially were members of a hobbyist DECNET network, HECnet, so we though we’d pay homage to our origins. Oh and the domain was available.

Right, I’m sold, how do I join?

Send an email to admin (at) uuhec.net. We will add you on to our mailing list and send you a questionnaire that will determine how to best connect you to UUHEC.

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