UUHECNET now gated to HECnet via MOIRA

After some seriously hard hacking (involving a RasPi as a TCP->RS232 adapter etc) Cory Smelosky managed to connect his VAX, MOIRA, to UUHECNET.

AS a bonus, MOIRA can route mail between the two networks, using hybrid UUCP/Mail-11 addresses, e.g:


would reach the user SAMPSA on HECnet node CHIMPY.

B4GATE now de facto UUHECNET hub

See the announcement below. Also any new applicants will be given access to B4GATE, and almost any system on UUHECNET can be reached through it..

The cool thing is that we have over 30 nodes in the network, of which I estimate at least 10-15 are online at any given moment.

From: Sampsa Laine (b4gate!pyffle!system)


B4GATE appears to have become the de facto hub of UUHECNET since 
MRGATE is down and not likely to reappear. With this in mind, 
I'll periodically post a list of systems registered with B4GATE.

Basically, all mail (unless direct host to host) on UUHECNET 
now goes through B4GATE, which also acts as an SMTP gateway 
for the UUCP nodes that have *.uuhec.net domain names.

---- SNIP ---
The following systems are directly connected to b4gate. 
Please note that even if the connection is defined, there
is no guarantee that host will be running, thus message
delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Sample bangpath: b4gate!pyffle!sampsa send a message to the 
user sampsa on the pyffle machine via b4gate. 

Systems under b4gate:

--- SNIP ---

I know it’s “turn-key”, but..Building an installation tool anyway!

Good news everyone – Turnkey Pyffle v0.21 (due out July-ish) will have a curses-based installation wizard to guide you through those annoying installation steps that might have kept some of you from  installing it.

Here’s a video of the demo in action (if you don’t / can’t use Flash, here’s the 24 MB original QuickTime .MOV):


Get the Flash Player to see this video.

It even includes a menu and stuff:


Pyffle v0.2 announced!

Pyffle v0.2 announced!

Guys, I’ve just got a release of Pyffle v0.2 (OK the version numbers are
arbitrary and don’t show up everywhere in the code etc) as a
VMware appliance as well as an OVA for you VirtualBox users..

Just download it, boot it up and follow the (relatively) simple instructions
on the web page (which will be updated once the files are up there*).

Highlights of this version:

  • Preconfigured Taylor UUCP setup ready to connect to UUHECNET.
  • OVA version for VirtualBox users.


* Due to my insanely slow connection here in Lebanon, it might be up to
48 hours before the new files show up on the site. Will keep you posted
as and when this is done.


Pyffle: Waffle reborn

(crossposted from comp.bbs.waffle)


In a fit of madness I decided to write a Waffle BBS clone in Python, which is now sufficiently far along that I’ve decided to announce its existence to anyone who might still be reading this newsgroup 🙂

If you happen to be interested, telnet to hq.pyffle.com for the test board, more details can be found at www.pyffle.com


Playing with ReGIS and SIXEL graphics…

I managed to get PATHWORKS running on a Windows NT 4.0 VM last night and noticed that it came with Excursion, a rather good X server for Win32.

Anyway, I used that to log into RHESUS, launched a DECterm and ran gnuplot with ReGIS as output. The results are quite nifty I’m sure you’ll agree:

Here’s another one with ReGIS and SIXEL (DEC-specific bitmap format graphics), still in DECterm:

News service somewhat live

As announced earlier, I was in the process of setting up a news service on B4GATE.

I am now satisfied that it works and am more than happy to set up feeds to members.

The current list of newsgroups is as follows:

uuhec.admin               General UUHECNET admin issues
uuhec.hardware            Discussion re: retro hardware
uuhec.uucp                General discussion about UUCP
uuhec.dec                 Discussion about DEC hardware
uuhec.vms                 OpenVMS forum
uuhec.unix                UNIX/Linux etc forum
uuhec.waffle              Waffle BBS discussion
uuhec.random              Random banter
uuhec.decnet              DECNET networking forum
uuhec.hecnet              Forum for members of the hobbyist DECNET, HECnet
uuhec.mac                 Macintosh (OS X) discussion 
uuhec.mac.classic         Classic Mac (System 1-9)
uuhec.8bit                General 8-bit retrocomputing forum
uuhec.8bit.cbm            Commodore 8-bit retrocomputing forum
uuhec.8bit.cpm            CP/M and 8080/Z80 retrocomputing forum
uuhec.8bit.apple          Apple I/II/III retrocomputing forum

uuhec.test                Test area for people setting up systems

Chat service launched


I’ve enabled Google Talk for the UUHEC.NET domain, I suggest I set up accounts for all of us, it’s a nice little service, based on Jabber, so you can use any client you wish (i.e. it’s not limited to Google Talk). Personally I’m using Adium, being a Mac user.

Please drop me a note if you want an account, I’ll then set this up for you.

If you already have a Jabber/Google Talk account, I can be reached at admin (at) uuhec.net