Pyffle BBS v0.01 released today

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Pyffle BBS – Waffle for the New American Century

Pyffle was created as a tribute to the coolest BBS software ever in existence, Waffle.

Unfortunately the only version floating around nowadays is a binary-only copy of version 1.65 for DOS from 1993 or so (which I do run on B4BBS,, through DOSBOX, with UUCP and everything) as the Unix sources have gone missing – this prompted the creation of Pyffle, the Python re-implementation of Waffle for Unix.

You can test drive it by telnetting to

I’ve also built a ready-to-run VMWare VM for running Pyffle without all the annoying hassle of setting up Postgres and stuff yourself.

See for details on downloading and setting the VM up.


Pyffle GUI – 1994 called, and wanted it’s fat clients back!

Yes, so I decided to kill some time and learn QT programming in Python and knocked out a graphical front-end to Pyffle (the least user-friendly BBS software ever, so there’s irony there too).

Here’s some screenshots..

Login screen:

Login screen


Main window:

Main window


Message area / mail inbox:

Message area

Message area


Message composition:

Message entry


Chat interface:

Chat window


Private messages:

Private messages..

Pyffle: Feedback, and it’s GOOD

Well, someone on comp.bbs.waffle saw my shameless plug and had a look, and liked what they saw:

From: minding 
To: system 
Subj: hurrah! 

Too cool!

DECADES ago now, I happenstanced upon a neato Waffle v1.64 board called
China Cat Sunflower, I felt, and still do, that it made computers
worthwhile again.

Now I find Pyffle!

You can imagine my general elation!

I'm so grateful to have found a WAFFLE system!


My heroes..

"As of this writing there are roughly a dozen remaining DDIAL's running on Apple computers, 
Novation has long since gone Chapter 11, Bill Basham (the author of DDIAL) has gone back to being a 
full-time doctor, and one slightly disturbed person in the Phantom Access Group has written the world's 
only version of DDIAL that will run on Unix based machines and allow T1 connected, distributed sites
with gigabytes of disk and thousands of users, to hook into Pig's Knuckle Idaho's very own 7 line 
DDIAL running at a blazing fast 300 baud. 

Why this was done is a question best left to mental health professionals.

The last sentence in the paragraph quoted above could be applied to many features present in the MindVox shell. It included advanced conferencing features interspersed with time-consuming, elaborate in-jokes with no commercial purpose whatsoever.”

Source: MindVox Wikipedia Entry