I know it’s “turn-key”, but..Building an installation tool anyway!

Good news everyone РTurnkey Pyffle v0.21 (due out July-ish) will have a curses-based installation wizard to guide you through those annoying installation steps that might have kept some of you from  installing it.

Here’s a video of the demo in action (if you don’t / can’t use Flash, here’s the 24 MB original QuickTime .MOV):


Get the Flash Player to see this video.

It even includes a menu and stuff:


Pyffle v0.2 announced!

Pyffle v0.2 announced!

Guys, I’ve just got a release of Pyffle v0.2 (OK the version numbers are
arbitrary and don’t show up everywhere in the code etc) as a
VMware appliance as well as an OVA for you VirtualBox users..

Just download it, boot it up and follow the (relatively) simple instructions
on the web page (which will be updated once the files are up there*).

Highlights of this version:

  • Preconfigured Taylor UUCP setup ready to connect¬†to UUHECNET.
  • OVA version for VirtualBox users.


* Due to my insanely slow connection here in Lebanon, it might be up to
48 hours before the new files show up on the site. Will keep you posted
as and when this is done.