Pyffle BBS v0.01 released today

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Pyffle BBS – Waffle for the New American Century

Pyffle was created as a tribute to the coolest BBS software ever in existence, Waffle.

Unfortunately the only version floating around nowadays is a binary-only copy of version 1.65 for DOS from 1993 or so (which I do run on B4BBS,, through DOSBOX, with UUCP and everything) as the Unix sources have gone missing – this prompted the creation of Pyffle, the Python re-implementation of Waffle for Unix.

You can test drive it by telnetting to

I’ve also built a ready-to-run VMWare VM for running Pyffle without all the annoying hassle of setting up Postgres and stuff yourself.

See for details on downloading and setting the VM up.


Pyffle: Feedback, and it’s GOOD

Well, someone on comp.bbs.waffle saw my shameless plug and had a look, and liked what they saw:

From: minding 
To: system 
Subj: hurrah! 

Too cool!

DECADES ago now, I happenstanced upon a neato Waffle v1.64 board called
China Cat Sunflower, I felt, and still do, that it made computers
worthwhile again.

Now I find Pyffle!

You can imagine my general elation!

I'm so grateful to have found a WAFFLE system!


Pyffle: Waffle reborn

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In a fit of madness I decided to write a Waffle BBS clone in Python, which is now sufficiently far along that I’ve decided to announce its existence to anyone who might still be reading this newsgroup 🙂

If you happen to be interested, telnet to for the test board, more details can be found at


Playing with ReGIS and SIXEL graphics…

I managed to get PATHWORKS running on a Windows NT 4.0 VM last night and noticed that it came with Excursion, a rather good X server for Win32.

Anyway, I used that to log into RHESUS, launched a DECterm and ran gnuplot with ReGIS as output. The results are quite nifty I’m sure you’ll agree:

Here’s another one with ReGIS and SIXEL (DEC-specific bitmap format graphics), still in DECterm: