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Pyffle BBS – Waffle for the New American Century

Pyffle was created as a tribute to the coolest BBS software ever in existence, Waffle. Unfortunately the only version floating around nowadays is a binary-only copy of version 1.65 for DOS from 1993 or so (which I do run on B4BBS through DOSBOX, with UUCP and everything) as the Unix sources have gone missing – this prompted the creation of Pyffle, the Python re-implementation of Waffle for Unix.

You can test drive it by telnetting to hq.pyffle.comΒ or join the Google Group atΒ

UPDATE: Pyffle BBS v0.01 released – as a VMWare Appliance!

I’ve just built a ready-to-run VMWare VM for running Pyffle without all the annoying hassle of setting up Postgres and stuff yourself.

Check out the HOWTO Page for details.

More details:

Basically, we aim to stay as close as reasonably possible to the original feel of Waffle (caveat: the author has never actually used Waffle for Unix so the DOS version’s UI was used as a starting point. Pointers are welcome).

Additionally we aim to reuse as much of the cool stuff from the original Waffle (text files, words etc) with as little as possible effort on the part of the sysop.

Finally we aim to extend the capabilities of Waffle namely on the messaging front, by adding pluggable backends for interfacing with various forum and email systems.

We support UUCP (pyffle’s rmail in, system sendmail out, rnews) and SMTP / NNTP out of the box (pyffle’s fetchmail POP/IMAP client in, SMTP out), plugins for Fidonet and Mail-11 (yes, really!) are available.

In summary, here’s a feature list w.r.t original Waffle:

What works:

  • The STATIC file is supported, most options are irrelevant now though
  • Various text files work, the following dirs are read upon startup: WORDS, TEXT, INFO, MENUS, HELP, SYSTEM
  • The following UI features:

What’s new:

  • CHAT. Chat is now multiuser, paging for sysop has not been implemented. Easy to do as a plugin of course.
  • ACLs. The security system has been extended to support ACLs. These are entirely optional, and the system works perfectly with just access levels.
  • MODULES Shows which modules have been loaded into the system
  • USEREDIT/ACLEDIT New admin tools
  • RESET Resets the user’s NEW SCAN date
  • CREATE / DROP Management of message boards

What doesn’t work, but can be implemented if there’s a demand:

  • Importation of existing user files
  • Importation of existing message bases
  • Mail folders

What doesn’t work, and probably never will (feel free to implement a plugin for these however):

  • VOTE
  • The original ADMIN (USERADMIN replaces this)
  • FILES section
  • Download / upload limits (no files, no limits)
  • Idle timeouts, user time limits etc, other “BBSy” features

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  1. Can you share that source code for waffle 1.64 for unix?? This has been a lifelong obsession to find it since the early 90s for me πŸ˜‰

  2. You may have a problem:

    Connected to
    Escape character is ‘^]’.

    Welcome to Pyffle HQ

    Loading Pyffle BBS…
    Insufficient privileges for execution.

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