Adding games/doors to Pyffle with pyffle_os

Using the pyffle_os module

Basically, the OS module is used to call external programs on the system
running pyffle. Therefore it is inherently dangerous - if the BBS user
should get a shell, it's pretty much game over, security-wise.

With that in mind, using the OS module is rather simple - it simply executes
whatever command it was invoked with, for example:

	"bash" : ["pyffle_os","Calls OS bash",[{"LEVEL":90},"OPERATOR"]]
Will invoke the shell command bash. Notice the security level and ACLs set, 
this is pretty lethal in the hands of a normal user…

Anyway, to run a game, make sure it's in the path of the pyffle unix user
(edit .profile if necessary) and add a line like this to pyffle_main's 
module list (assuming game is called foobar):

	"foobar" : ["pyffle_os","Play foobar",[]],
This will invoke the program foobar as the pyffle user in the system.

Building a "Games" menu

1. Go into /pyffle/WORDS
2. Add a file called GAMES
3. Make a menu of games (that you hopefully have added to pyffle_main's
module list using pyffle_os)

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