Shared BBS Hosting Rules

What we will provide:

1. A virtual machine on a VMWare ESX host as described in the [LINK]

1.a. Depending on how many users we have per server, you get X GB RAM, Y GB HDD and a share of the CPU.


2. An IP address if you paid for one, or up to 5 port forwards.


3. Basic boot-strap support to get your image of choice running on it.

3.a. We recommend you build your image on your own box and upload it when it’s working.

3.c. If there’s a problem with OUR side (i.e. VMWare ESX) running your image, we will TRY to debug it. With that in mind, we only officially support the following OSes: [INSERT SANE LINUX DISTROS AND WINDOWS XP/2K3/2K8/7 etc]. You CAN run something else, but you’re on your own.


4. The server sits on a Gbps port on the London internet exchange (==backbone). We get 15 TB / month traffic included, which should be plenty.

4.a. If we exceed the TB limit, we get knocked down to 10 Mbps for the rest of the month. I envision this maybe happening during the first month when we’re loading images on to the ESX host.

4.b. Do not do anything annoying (run a torrent seedbox, VPN endpoint etc).


5. A monthly nmap/Nessus scan.

5.a. If we find any vulns, we expect you to close them in a reasonable amount of time.

5.b. Just because we don’t notice something doesn’t mean you’re necessarily safe – keep stuff patched and open up the minimum amount of ports / services to the wider net.


What we expect from you:

1. Some basic competence in sysadmin skills. Keep your stuff patched and firewalled (you’ll be sitting on a RAW public IP, you HAVE to run a firewall).

1.a. Be sure you know how to administer the OS you plan to deploy in an Internet environment. Safely.

1.b. Be sure you know how to administer the BBS software you plan to deploy. Sanely.


2. Being reasonable and not doing annoying things:

2.a. This includes high bandwidth stuff like torrent seed boxes and VPN endpoints.

2.b. This is NOT a commercial service. We are doing cost sharing. Have realistic expectations as to support. All of us have day jobs. We generally will try to help you but sometimes it might take a while.

2.c. The above points are by no means an exhaustive list.  However, we’re not fascists. Just try to be cool 🙂

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