SIMNET – Dialup access (and more!) for your Telnet BBS

SIMNET is a pun on (Simulated) Tymnet – basically we’re trying to set up dial-in access points that will enable old-skool modem users to access Telnet BBSes via access points across the globe.

List of global access points

US (Buffalo, NY) Dial-up (V.90) +1 716 342 2772
Finland Dial-up (GSM 2G, V.32) +358 465 0057498
Romania Dial-up (V.34) +40 37 374 0384
Global Telnet over TOR telnet://5m2ahgvhvfqcfr5h.onion:31337
Global DECNET (CTERM) HECnet node HILANT::, login SIMNET
Buffalo, NY AX.25 145.010 MHz, KC2UGV-11 (Also reachable via KC2LAS-10)
Getting your telnet BBS connected to SIMNET Want your telnet BBS to have (eventually a bunch of) dial up numbers across the globe? Send me an email to admin (at) with "SIMNET node application" as the subject with the following details: - BBS code (the user types this in to connect to your BBS, up to 8 alphanumeric letters/digits) - BBS name and description - Telnet address and port In the following format: <CODE>|<name and description of the system>|<address of the system>|<port> e.g. B4BBS|B4BBS - Yesterday's technology today!||23 (The separator is a pipe symbol ["|"] and none of the fields should obviously contain that or it'll bork the script)

Becoming an access point

Got a spare landline and a modem (or maybe a 2G GSM dataline)? Come help us spread the Good News about CONNECT 9600! Contact us on the FB group below or me directly at admin (at) PS: There's a FB group set up for this: