Running SIMNET on Windows


Some of you guys might want to run your SIMNET dial-in access point on a Windows system and there’s a simple for solution to that: Rob Swindall’s SEXPOTS.

Basically SEXPOTS listens to a modem on a Windows system and then connects the connection to a telnet server.


Here’s the basic setup for SIMNET, but please note:

  • We haven’t actually tested these out, we’re going by the SEXPOTS documentation
  • The modem is on COM2, locked at 115200 bps, init string is “ATZ”
  • SEXPOTS is installed in C:\SEXPOTS

Download and install SEXPOTS
You can get the latest SEXPOTS binaries from

Download the ZIP file and unzip it into C:\SEXPOTS.


Your C:\SEXPOTS\SEXPOTS.INI file should look like this:

LogLevel = INFO ; set display/log output level
Debug = FALSE ; enable debug logging (overrides LogLevel)
PauseOnExit = FALSE ; wait for key-press on exit (non-service)

Device = COM1 ; COM port device name (or port number)
BaudRate = 115200 ; If non-zero, use this DTE rate (e.g. 115200)
Hangup = TRUE ; Hang-up phone after call
IgnoreDCD = FALSE ; Set to TRUE to ignore state of DCD
DCDTimeout = 10 ; Seconds to wait for DCD to drop
DTRDelay = 100 ; Milliseconds to delay before hangup
NullModem = FALSE ; Set to TRUE to not send AT commands to modem

Init = ATZ ; Modem initialization string
AutoAnswer = ATS0=1 ; Put modem into "auto-answer" mode
CleanUp = ATS0=0 ; When exiting, turn off auto-answer
EnableCallerID = AT ; No Caller-Id Support
Timeout = 5 ; Seconds to wait for a response from modem
ReInit = 60 ; Minutes of inactivity while waiting for caller before re-initialization
Answer = ATA ; Answer command
Ring = RING ; Ring indication (from modem)
ManualAnswer = FALSE ; Set to TRUE to disable auto-answer and use ring detection/manual answer instead

Host = ; Hostname or IP address of TCP server
Port = 31337 ; TCP port number of TCP server
NoDelay = TRUE ; Set to TRUE to disable the Nagle Algorithm

Enabled = TRUE ; Set to FALSE to disable Telnet mode
Debug = FALSE ; Set to TRUE to log Telnet commands sent/recv
AdvertiseLocation = FALSE ; Set to TRUE to send "WILL SEND LOCATION"
TermType = SEXPOTS ; You shouldn't normally change this value
TermSpeed = 28800,28800 ; Default terminal speed reported (tx, rx bps)

Enabled = FALSE ; Set to TRUE to enable Ident (RFC1413) server
Port = 113 ; TCP Port Ident server will listen on
Interface = 0 ; IP address of network interface (0=Any)
Response = CALLERID:SEXPOTS ; Resp-type and Add-info portions of response

Open up a cmd.exe prompt, go to C:\SEXPOTS and simply type SEXPOTS.

Your phone should now answer any incoming calls and redirect them to SIMNET.