The Ten (well seven, actually) Commandments of UUHECNET

Please note that these “rules” are not intended to be prescriptive but rather describe the cultural environment which exists in UUHECNET as of October 2013. I personally consider the network at this point a cultural and technological achievement (within reason, I’m not Plato or a rocket scientist) and I think formalising practices we’ve all embraced intuitively will help the network as it grows in the long run.

With this in mind, I figured it would be a good idea to write down some of our operating practices to make sure every member is more or less on the same page. The rules as you can see are really quite permissive:

The Rules of UUHECNET Membership

  1. It’s a hobby. We do it for fun. Don’t be an asshole.
  2. No payments required for normal services
  3. No real central authority (though de facto B4GATE is the current hub)
  4. A laissez faire policy to message content – we do not inspect what messages are
    passed through hubs, and hope sysadmins extend the same courtesy to their users

  5. A high degree of mutual trust
  6. Network downtime (which actually hasn’t happened beside MRGATE disappearing) is not
    a question of life and death. Members should not rely on UUHECNET as their only means
    of communication with the outside world.

  7. Accidental breach of these rules is no big deal, but repeated offences
    might get your node disconnected.

I know that’s only seven listed but am open to suggestions for the last three 🙂

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